“a delicate seduction”  Esoteros 

“tender and heroically controlled” The Guardian

“Sound as landscape, but one fogged to abstraction” Ears for Eyes


I Love This City and its Outlying Lands (2020) review by Esoteros 

I Love This City and its Outlying Lands (2020) review by Eyes for Ears

Antoine Beuger ‘Ockeghem Octets’ (2005/2017) performed by Ryoko Akama,  Kate Halsall, Sarah Hughes, Seamus Cater, Ecka Mordecai , Harriet Richardson, Leo Svirsky, Kathryn Williams
The Guardian, All About Jazz, Squid’s Ear

‘Goldsmiths’ released by Another Timbre (2016)
The Wire, Improv-Sphere, Boring Like a Drill, The Squid’s Ear, Musique Machine, Fluid Radio

Antoine Beuger ‘Canor Quartets’ (2003/2012) performed by Jurg Frey, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash, Radu Malfatti
The Wire, Points of Departure, All About Jazz, Just Outside

Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes ‘Droplets’ (2012)
The Watchful Ear, Improv-Sphere, Just Outside, All About Jazz, Eartrip

Stephen Cornford, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis ‘No Islands’ (2011)
Squid’s Ear, Eartrip, Just Outside, Improv-Sphere, Touching Extremes, All About Jazz, The Watchful Ear

Loris ‘The Cat from Cat Hill’ (2009)
The Wire, Aphidhair, Just Outside, Paris Transatlantic, The Watchful Ear, The Squid’s Ear, Temporary Fault, Raw