Morgan Evan-WeilerCorrespondences’ 2020
Performed by Sarah Hughes and Patrick Farmer. Released by Verde Editions 2021

Sarah Hughes ‘A Reward is Given for the Best Infra-Mammary Fold, No.4' 2015
Performed by Angharad Davies (violin), Rhodri Davies (electric harp), Michael Duch (double bass), Lina Lapelyte (violin), John Lely (objects & electronics), & John Tilbury (piano). Released on ‘Goldsmiths’ by Another Timbre, 2016.

Sarah HughesI Love This City and its Outlying Lands’ 2014
Performed by Sarah Hughes. Released by Mappa Editions, 2020

Antoine Beuger ‘Cantor Quartets’ 2003/2013
Performed by Jurg Frey (clarinet), Sarah Hughes (zither), Dominic Lash (double bass) & Radu Malfatti (trombone). Released by Another Timbre.

Antoine Beuger ‘Ockeghem Octets’ 2005/2017
Performed by Ryoko Akama,  Kate Halsall, Sarah Hughes, Seamus Cater, Ecka Mordecai , Harriet Richardson, Leo Svirsky, Kathryn Williams. Released by Another Timbre.

Loris ‘The Cat from Cat Hill’ 2009
Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Daniel Jones.  Released by Another Timbre.